Good night story


We just love honey...and CBD!

The Good Night Honey Company was founded by two Washington, DC nurse practitioners and  sisters with a holistic medicine background. They noticed an overwhelming amount of sleep-related anxiety issues by their patients and researched dozens of methods and options that would help alleviate the most critical complaint, lack of restful sleep! In 2018, they found a sweet relationship with CBD (Cannabidiol).

Honey Asset - 6.png

 The top three concerns were:

1) How can I get the best sleep experience while enjoying waking up?  

2) Can CBD reduce my anxiety?

3) How can I support my immune system better with CBD?

Their Good Night Honey, a CBD-infused organic honey, answered those questions and after countless patient feedback, they quickly learned that there was a positive synergy between the ingredients in Good Night Honey and REM state of sleep. 

"We set out to make the best therapeutic sleep aide and we stumbled onto more than we expected."

- the Good Night Honey sisters